I do Software. UNIX. Distributed.

You can find me drinking coffee, walking or entertaining our daughter depending on the time of day.

In the past life, I’ve been many things such as backend/webapp dev, performed devops function, infosec engineer/consultant and sysadmin.

I had the pleasure of making friends from all walks of life - high to low, north, south, east to west and west to east.. Good times.

These days, the times have changed and for good effing reason; It gotten better. I help develop amazing software with my colleagues here in Sydney office and work alongside a great set of team doing some really awesome things.

As an engineer, I get to work on varied pieces of technologies; Some of the stuffs I deal on a daily basis include not just software development but maintaining edge infrastructure, deployment, containerisation, working with mammoth numbers of AWS ecosystem, Kubernetes clusters, performance and security of the software infrastructure.

I put together these posts because as an engineer, the amount of mental digging you have to do is immense. I may have run into the exact situation hundreds of times before but might have forgotten about the particular approach used because as I said, I work every single day not only on developing and testing and integrating software but software telemetries, infrastructure, build pipelines and security. There are a log of context switching and things get hairy very fast if I do not lean on the wisdom of my own from the past and that of others. I aim to capture those experiences here in the hope that I can be of some help to others as well :)

If you find the posts helpful, feel free to ping me via email/linkedin.